In retail

  • Create new business opportunities with website traffics Each user interacting with our chatbot is reachable in the future to optimize your sales.
  • Drive more sales Promote on various messaging channels and social media and automatically adapt communication to each customer profile.
  • Market insights & stocks management Real-time insights and personalized notifications on customer needs and product sales.

Opening rate in chatbots is more than 5 times higher compared to email.

Real Estate Agency

  • Handle thousands of phone calls and emails per day Our chatbots are available 24/7 and manage an infinite number of customers.
  • Needs understanding Chatbots are competent to qualify any customers need and answer their solicitations in real-time.
  • Business expenses reduction Our digital assistants can perform all the repetitive tasks as one of your employee would do.

Up to 55% of the processes from real estate agencies and property management companies are fully automated with chatbots.

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  1. Business characterization
  2. Framework clarification
  3. Proof of concept development
  4. Testing and validation